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Sanjini is an Actress, Producer, Martial Artist and Writer. Sanjini is originally from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. At sixteen years old, Sanjini started college in Oklahoma and also attended colleges in California. Sanjini received her B.A. in History with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin. She received her M.A. in Speech Communications from Texas State University.

Sanjini is also a Martial Artist and received her Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo from the United Studios of Self Defense. She did her black belt test inside the Shaolin Temple in China at midnight and also received her black belt certificate inside the Shaolin Temple with the presence of Abbot Shi Yongxin. She also trained with the Shaolin Monks inside the temple. Sanjini trains in Shaolin Kung Fu with the Shaolin Monks and has now a brown belt.

Sanjini acts in her movies that she produces. Her movies are under her company banner called Star Sapphire Media.

Sanjini is also a writer and has published fourteen children's books. Sanjini writes her own movie scripts, has written 15 children’s stories and for online magazines.

Sanjini is a big advocate of sports, fitness and nutrition and attends the gym, boxes and trains in martial arts.

Sanjini has travelled to 38 countries.

Sanjini has volunteered and done charity work for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity for many years. Sanjini works with over 25 Catholic nuns personally.

Sanjini will be winning many Oscars and Emmys!