Eye of the Empress: Part 1

Action heroine, “Skylar” becomes involved in a quest to find a family token called “The Empress” when she finds herself involved in a gun chase with a psychotic bodyguard, faces a fight with three tough henchmen and then faces the corrupt Mexican Narco King, “El Chico Malo”.

Eye of the Empress: Part 2

After her failed attempt with El Chico Malo, action heroine Skylar, aided by Max Holtz, fights an epic battle with the Mexican Narco King and his henchmen and finally escapes.

Skylar (the Good) is embroiled in love affairs. El Chico Malo (the Bad) shoots a young boy for opening his mail and insists on going to church to pray. Boris Oxnard (the Ugly) shoots a cat because it irritates him and he tells Max to use his charms on Skylar to find out more about the Empress Diamond.

Eye of the Empress: Part 4

Skylar is disguised as a ring girl during El Chico Malo's fight club event. Boris and Max have a scheme to make a taco explode in front of El Chico Malos's face but the plan goes wrong followed by a stampede of the audience members. The taco explodes and El Chico rushes through the crowd and falls. The diamond falls out of his hands. Someone picks up the diamond but we do not who now possesses the Empress Diamond. Another martial arts fight ensues.

Eye of the Empress: Part 5

Skylar and Max are playing a game of pool. Skylar discloses more information about the magical Empress Diamond to Max.

Eye of the Empress: Part 6

Who has the Empress Diamond? Does Skylar know? El Chico Malo is at his Fight Club planning another big fight and Skylar is confronted by more bad henchmen she has to fight. Somewhere in Mexico...

Eye of the Empress: Part 7 - not completed

Eye of the Empress: Part 8

Eye of the Empress: Part 9 - not complete

a)    Portrait of a Nude Art Model

Valentina is a nude art model who is reflecting on her experiences of working in the art world. Alex is the artist drawing Valentina. The setting is sumptuous and seductive! Watch this beautiful film to see if the artist and model connect in the present, past or future?


Better quality on Vimeo and there is no age restriction:

b)    Donation Video

c)    Motel Patel

"Motel Patel" is a film about an Indian family who own a motel and its colorful characters. The story continues...

d) Cyber Romance

"Cyber Romance" is about two girls discussing dating, sex and relationships with today's influence of texting, sexting, social media and online dating and it makes communication more challenging.

Lakshmi has a voracious sexual appetite and views men as pieces of meat. Sage is romantic, recently divorced and has a child. Both characters come from opposite dating and life experiences but could learn to be more like each other. Lakshmi could learn to settle down and be more relationship-oriented and Sage needs to learn to have more fun with her dating and relationships.

Stapler Lady Commercial – Vancity Bank


Eye of the Empress episodes – 20 (5 minutes each) for networks

In Development

          a)  Motel Patel series
          b)  4 Commercials – Hair, Mascara, Pearls, Skin Lotion
          c)  Beverly Hills Skunk - Animation

Future Projects

          a)  The Dragon Pearl – Modern day action adventure with the Shaolin Monks
          b)  Indira Gandhi
          c)  Being Aphrodite
          d)  Nefertiti
          e)  The Diamond Skull
           f)  Documentary of Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity
          g)  Animated Stories