Sanjini has published thirteen children's books and has three more to publish.

a)    My Life as a Dollar Bill

Follow the adventures of a dollar bill, from the streets of New City, freezing in a coca cola machine, having fun at Disney World and on an exciting roller coaster ride. Every dollar counts and so does this dollar bill!

b)    The Chocolate Pony

Follow the adventures a cute pony named "Chocolate" who gets lost one day. She loses sight of her Mom beyond the meadow and her adventures begin. She becomes the star of a pet zoo, the star of a circus where she performs pony tricks and lives a life of luxury with a little girl who adores her. Will she find her way back home to her Mom?

c)    Matilda, the Most Expensive Pig in the World

Matilda is a big sow or pig who lives in Provence, France. She has a very big snout and is an expert at digging for truffle mushrooms which are the most expensive food in the world. This makes Matilda, the most valuable pig in the world!

d)    Wobbles, the Jellyfish Goes to School

Jellyfish have no brains, eyes, ears and a heart so how is Wobbles going to pass his exams in a classroom with other fish and crustaceans?

e)    Pedro, the Blue Frog

Pedro is a blue South American frog and is different from the other green frogs. He does not feel like a “real” frog or froglet because he cannot SKIP, FLIP and HOP like the other green frogs. He cannot even swim in the pond and join in the fun. Instead he sits on a rock alone.
But he has unexpected special abilities that help save the green frogs.

f)    Izzy and His Pet Snails

Izzy has two pet snails named Gary and Larry. Izzy enjoys playing with his snails and showing them to his friends. But one day they disappear and Izzy cannot find them.

g)    The Inquisitive Bear

Brownie is a cinnamon-colored bear cub who lives in Russia. He is an inquisitive bear who likes to explore as well as eat a lot! While exploring, Brownie notices a small cottage and enters it. He eats all the honey, blueberry jam and blinis pancakes on his first visit. On his second visit he eats the soup that is not too hot or cold, he sits on the small chair that is the right size for him but it breaks into pieces because of his weight and he falls asleep in the bed that is not too hard or soft and is the perfect size for him.

Mushka, a little girl with golden locks and her parents come into their home. Mushka notices her soup has been eaten, her small chair has been broken into pieces and a brown bear is sleeping in her bed. This is a reverse “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” story.

h)    The King Whose Beard Grew so Long

This fairytale is about an ancient Indian King who ruled his land with kindness and benevolence. But when his new appointed General advised him to conquer more lands for wealth and gold, he became consumed by greed. Because of a magic spell cast on the King, the greedier he became the longer his beard grew until it wrapped around the world blocking the ships from crossing the oceans.

i)    Milly, the Lazy Goat

Milly is the laziest alpine goat in the whole of Austria. She has never ever climbed a mountain. She likes to graze the grass or sleep while the other goats Billy, Silly, Wolfgang and Ingrid play and have fun. One day, Milly notices a squirrel named Fluff. Milly is excited to chase Fluff and finds herself at the top of the mountain.

j)    Shaka, the Timid Lion

Shaka is a timid lion who has a meek roar. The other cubs make fun of him. He is unlike the other cubs who like to play and have fun. He is too timid.

But one day, he makes friends with a little monkey and a little baboon who bring out his confidence and playfulness. When a clan of hyenas surround a cub, Shaka saves the day and finds his ROAR!

k)    Poppy, the Pumpkin: An American Thanksgiving Story

A Thanksgiving story about a pumpkin finding a home.

 l)    The Mischievous Dress

Every time Maggie wears a pretty, polka dot dress, it makes her do some mischievous things and she eventually overcomes her shyness. This is a magic dress!

 m)    A Tale of Two Knights: A Magical Chess Story

Two siblings play a game of chess and when they go to sleep the chess pieces come to life and the kids participate in the medieval battle.

n)    Walter, the Schnauzer

Walter is a stubborn schnauzer who does not like to celebrate Christmas. His owner, a boy named Jay, is also very stubborn and just as spoilt as Walter. Both of them like to watch television and eat popcorn for hours. One Christmas, grandmother, Oma Hedda arrives from Germany. She is really into celebrating the tradition of Christmas to the hilt. She trains Walter to be become more obedient, sing Christmas songs and to celebrate Christmas!

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